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🙏🏽Hearty Greetings!!!! We are proud to conduct *Chinese Auriculo Therapy Training* to be conducted in *Chromepet, Chennai* shortly.... *Benefits of this method treatments:* 👉🏼In just 30 minutes *Height Increase* of 1cm to 5cm will be done in an advanced and sofesticated manner 👉🏼 *Sugar* levels will be reduced to 100 to 250 in just one treatment 👉🏼 *All kinds of Joint Pain* and disorders will be cured immediately in par with new technology 👉🏼 *Weight reduction* and physical charm can be achieved 👉🏼All kinds *Psychological solutions* can be attained 👉🏼 *Breathing difficulties* will be corrected in one treatment to ensure complete relief 👉🏼 *Smoking and Deaddiction* can be rectified for a fruitful future 👉🏼All kinds of *Hormone Related Issues* will be cured in an simplified treatment 👉🏼 *Palpation Diagnosis* with Treatment Techniques will be provided 👉🏼Medicine free magic can be felt for complete health 💎Simplified and impeccable treatment and training will be given with certificate by *Dr. R.K AKSHAYAN* 📌 2 Days Training (9.30 am to 5.30pm) 📌Book materials, lunch and tea will be provided 📌Advance Booking must 📞For advance booking and payment Contact: DR. MOHAMMED SHADAB 9840361433 Dr . AJAS 7373122455 🎈🎁DATES SHALL BE ANNOUNCED AFTER BOOKING 🙏🏽THANK YOU🙏🏽 💐SANTHOSAM💐 ❤HAPPINESS ALWAYS ❤
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